Mixed Recyclables

Your Mixed Recyclables recycling journey

What is accepted in your Mixed Recyclables bin

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It is important to ensure that all containers are rinsed out before placing them into the Mixed Recycling bin as some of the materials are sorted by hand.

The number in the triangle symbol on the bottom of most plastic bottles and containers does not mean that it is recyclable. This number is the resin code, and only numbers 1, 2 and 5 can be recycled. All others must be placed into General Waste

Paper & Cardboard

Plastics bottles

Aluminium cans 

Steel cans  

Glass bottles and jars  

Plastic bags, soft plastics and small plastics items

Tetrapak and juice cartons

Bagged recyclables

Coffee cups

Disposable cutlery and disposable drinking cups

Paper towels, tissues, dishcloths, shredded paper

Fast food packaging


Compostable packaging

Soft plastics


Hard plastic bottles and containers 

Clothing and textiles